Monday, April 30, 2012

Yay! Photos!! Please check out our facebook page to see the album from our last show at the Tangent!!/yldtoys

Monday, April 23, 2012

Journey to SPACE Comic-Con

It is April 21st, 2012. 4:00 am.

The roads are clear and sky is a deep shade of purple--almost black. The biting wind nips at our faces as we make our way to the car... my cousin and I. We get in and look at each other...without a word spoken, we know what must be done. He pulls out the mix CD and slides it into the slot. the machine whirrs, and reads, and the sound comes through the speakers:

and thus, the trip to Ohio Space Comic Con began.

After getting confused for Rock stars at a roadside Denny's, and various threats from the passengers in the back-seat --they have no musical appreciation-- we arrived at our destination in Columbus, Ohio. With little to no bodily harm.

We found the table where our adorably-deadly Zombie Penguins and Man Eating Artic Unicorns were to be displayed. Unfortunately there were no cages or leashes so we all had to keep an eye on the creatures. Making sure that one did not waddle or prance away and start devouring children, the elderly, or person of any size.

While the crowds themselves were rather sparse in comparison to art shows/fairs, the tables were nice, and after walking around and talking to the other booths, were found them to be as welcoming as steak to a meat eater. There was a variety of people with a variety of skill levels. It was refreshing to see people coming together wanting to collaborate ideas, networks, and talents.

Many a little child took home a Baby Man Eating Artic Unicorn to raise and feed--thus helping to protect the endangered species, and many a Zombie Penguin was given a home with a person whom they would never be able to eat due to their inability to waddle quickly.

However, there are still quiet a few who remain homeless and only wish to be taken home...if only because, you look delicious.

Space Con was a nice experience- it being YLD-Toys first Comic Con, and we--My flesh eating minions and I--are eager for the next Con.

To journey where no man-eater has gone before.

Deliciously yours,

P.S. That was the only song on all 29 tracks of that CD
P.P.S. Photos from the Con can be found on our YLD-Toys FaceBook Page!/yldtoys
P.P.P.S. The passengers in the back-seat destroyed the mix CD prior to the trip back, but it was ok because Cousin retained the song on his MP3 player.