Friday, September 9, 2011


Ello Tasties,

Yesterday was my Birthday...

I spent it with my Cousin, as it was his last day here. He will be gone for thirteen months for military duties... I miss him already.

A year or so ago, around this time we bought a nice 12year scotch, Mucullen if memory serves. My cousin having the small desire to be a write, me having the naive desire, that continues, to create worlds of my own. We would talk for hours, pretending to be classy on the red velvet sofa. A smoke filled room slowly seeping into the early morning sky. I was in a black sport jacket when he “accidentally” stubbed me with the smoldering end of his cigarette because he was giggling like a school girl over something I said.

Rude bastard. Oh, we did battle. In a nonviolent joyous way. I mean… Does chasing him around with a belt constitute violence?

I don't think so,
Christian MiKzie

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