Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zombie Penguin and other YLD toys

You Look Delicious Toys are for Everyone!

I mean, think about how much more exciting everything will be having an inanimate object which would like nothing more then to eat you!

If you’re a pacifist you can feel as though you've done a little more to keep the peace by personally keeping something so viscous, cuddly, and adorable from causing mass chaos and panic.

If you’re a sadist your torturous personality is getting a little chuckle from being so close to something that wants to eat you but can’t

If you’re a masochist then you’re inviting soft and painful tragedy into your life.

If you’re paranoid and you’re afraid that you’re wrong about everyone and everything being out to get you can take comfort in knowing this toy is out to get you.

If you’re a megalomaniac and wish to bring the world to its knees, it will never happen and at least you will have something that you can turn to for a cuddle in inevitable event of your failure.

Ravenously yours,
MR. 'C' MiKzie

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