Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wyandotte street art fair 2011

Ello Tasties,

I know you enjoyed my ahmnahm nahm... toys. As well you should, I know i do. That is the only reason for me making them.

The Wyandotte street art fair.
day one.
Honestly it all begins the night before when I assemble my troops. Not the zombie penguins or anything of that nature. They are crazy warriors of wrath seeking vengeance, in fact I fear to sleep under the same roof. When they escape my bladder trickling noise occure as they the battle the might force of the PeePeechair's water grip.
A great feeling of relief sweeps over my entire body, and then, I rest in peace. Knowing that "The Great Flush" of prophecy will take place.

Wake. Snooze. Actually wake. Stack. Gather. Load. Fit. Break... Imagine playing live action Tetris.

This morning was different slightly. I could feel. Normally I'm relatively numb. smelly little nerve eaters... Truthfully I showered. I do that regularly, I simply cherish each individual droplet of water.

I'll spare you the intimate details. I know..I know.. you want those dirty deets. Only participants are allowed those.

The day at the Wyandotte Street art Festival was Fluffy.  Lovely things, I witnessed, in the small amount of time I was able wander.
I did buy one thing an Amazing alpaca teddy. I can not tell you his name. He must be introduced later.
I highly recommend it.

Today was delicious. I'd put it in my mouth.

I'd like to thank the detroit news for finding me amusing enough to print.

add me to your face book. Christian McKzie.

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GNelson said...

Arts & Apples Festival

September 9-11, 2011
Rochester Park | Rochester, Michigan
For more information, please call 248-651-4110 or email

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