Monday, July 18, 2011

I was at the Wyandotte street art fair and something occurred to me. A complicated concept Which hasn't ever chewed on my brain before; my stuffed animals seem, to me, like Art training wheels.
Anyone can pick it up and hold it. They can decorate a space with it. It's unique they will love to show their friends and share the experience.
What is art? Possibly The opportunity share a taste of unique? Ready to Order an art appetizer?
Tell them a story, give it a name!

Support flavor and give young people a taste for the unique
Show them how to take care of something someone spent time and love creating.

Art is how you treat what others do for you.
Be appreciative that someone wants to be apart of your life and give you a chance to sink you teeth into what brings them joy!

Ravenously yours,
Christian MiKzie

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