Friday, June 17, 2011

This is not working, and Grosse Ile

Here is the deal: feed yourselves to my Toys.

In return, I will attempt to make it to this horrifying-technological-monstrosity and update. -,..,-

I would inform you of my next uprising against humanity, AKA street festival, but I am quite 
oblivious to my own schedule.

Man Eating Arctic unicorns are available online and at Vault of Midnight

Here is the scoop of ice cream that is trying to eat you:
I was at the Grosse Ile Island Festival, and was amused.
Though the festival was small in comparison to others, I Always appreciate the opportunity to let people sample my "art" (and allow my "art" to sample them...ahm-nahm-nahm YOU LOOK DELICIOUS).
Here are a couple of pictures that I took. Thanks for being good sports to my random compulsions. I hope I smeared my true colors and merely appear to you as very weird and overly polite.

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