Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Greetings! Salutations! Bon A'petit!

That said, I would like to thank everyone who came out to the East Lansing event, I'm glad that my prints were so eagerly recieved ^,..,^ Despite how easy it was to get lost, and the man who insisted that my car spot was his trailer spot (it wasn't, later it was found that he had a spot being saved for him a couple rows down from where i had parked) i was glad to be there and see not only my supporters buT also the other awesome vendors.

I have another show June 4-5. it's the Grossiel Island Fest, and as my penguins are breeding for that event, I've discovered a new creature residing in my home. It seems to be breeding along with the zombie penguins--not with the penguins but just along the same time line--it is a shy, quick one, but I shall continue my hunt and prevail and all you little meat snacks will be made aware of my success for there will be photos!

Oh! Oh! I also have a facebook page, a deviant art, and an etsy now! I have the etsy attached to the  blog at the top, my facebook is under yld-toys, and my art page is Cmikzie.deviantart.com you should all be my friends and stalk me a friendy-stalky-non-creeper way ^.^

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