Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grosse Ile Island Festival June 3-5

Hello to every little delicious morsel!
I simply would like to inform you 'Man-eating Arctic Unicorns' are now available at Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor on south main street!! Also the new tank top design is available there as well!!
A reminder I will have a booth at the Grosse Ile island festival June 4-5!
For more information on this festival

Hope to see you there!
Ravenously yours,
- Mr.'C' MiKzie

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Greetings! Salutations! Bon A'petit!

That said, I would like to thank everyone who came out to the East Lansing event, I'm glad that my prints were so eagerly recieved ^,..,^ Despite how easy it was to get lost, and the man who insisted that my car spot was his trailer spot (it wasn't, later it was found that he had a spot being saved for him a couple rows down from where i had parked) i was glad to be there and see not only my supporters buT also the other awesome vendors.

I have another show June 4-5. it's the Grossiel Island Fest, and as my penguins are breeding for that event, I've discovered a new creature residing in my home. It seems to be breeding along with the zombie penguins--not with the penguins but just along the same time line--it is a shy, quick one, but I shall continue my hunt and prevail and all you little meat snacks will be made aware of my success for there will be photos!

Oh! Oh! I also have a facebook page, a deviant art, and an etsy now! I have the etsy attached to the  blog at the top, my facebook is under yld-toys, and my art page is you should all be my friends and stalk me a friendy-stalky-non-creeper way ^.^

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Return of the Thing

Hello my little meat-snacks young, old, and of all flavors! Letting you know that I have yet to be honored with the grand journey of digestion and am still very much alive, un-eaten, and involved with he un-dead. I apologize profusely to you--my delicious fans-- for my negligence and beg for your forgiveness...

OK, that last was a bit of an exaggeration. Except for the "sorry" part.

Currently, Zombie Penguins are still be sold at Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor, and I am working on something that branches slightly out of the penguin realm ( fear not, for it is fluffy! And will still want to eat you). There is also the preparing for the Spring Arts and Crafts Show at Michigan State University scheduled for 5/21 - 5/22
from 9am- 6pm Saturday and 10 am- 5pm Sunday. I'm booth 316 ( hint hint: come visit me ^,..,^).

I apologize for the graphic nature of the photo...but putting the undead together in massive quantities is messy business. I thought that you all would enjoy seeing some of the process
none the less =^_^=

I seem to be apologizing a lot today...I suppose that's your consolation prize for me being AWOL for so long...

To those of you who have e-mailed asking for Zombie Penguins and haven't made it to vault of midnight, the show at MSU is your chance not only to obtain your own adorable, hungry, dead-toy, but to also meet the amazing me while I am still alive. For I too, like so many, may one day succumb to my creations cuteness and allow them a nibble...and you know what they say about mice and cookies? Same is true for Zombie Penguins and fresh-flesh.

But I suppose that is only to be expected.