Monday, July 12, 2010

Trenton Street art fair

Thank you everyone for Coming out to the Trenton Mid-Summer Fest to see me!

If it was your first time seeing me then I'm thrilled you got enough joy from my work to look at my pathetic little blog! It would be Great if only I could get some games here like a net operated "Rock em' Sock em' Robots"!

Trenton was awesome and I'd like to thank "Pilz" for being awesome and letting me listen to one of their new songs before it's even mastered. I'd like to thank Detroit Live mag. for taking interest in my Artwork. Keep touch! (not like that creepers... or... never mind lol)

The important thing is I arrived, I danced, I made strange gestures toward strange strangers, and I provided the opportunity for people to partake in what brings happiness !

Oh and the most special thing about this fair was all the slave labor that made my bathroom breaks and odd jobs easy and convenient!! Slave Labor does make a fantastic foot rest if anyone was wondering.
Although slave labor "The mayonnaise on the toes incident"(as it is now classified in my annual event calender) made me want to regurgitate my frozen coffee beverage...slightly. it would have been epic if she would have licked it you can't blame me for applying the mayo to the toes!

ps for everyone reading this blog who purchased a Zombie Penguin, you now own an inanimate object that only thinks about eating you...why do you think it likes to snuggle so much!?!?!

yours truly, completely, and ravenously

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